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Allergy Desensitization - Allergies present themselves with a variety of symptoms from Acne to Vertigo. Forget the conventional allergy tests like the Scratch Test (where a sample of the allergen is put on your body to see if you have a reaction to it) and the Allergy Elimination Diet (where you have to eliminate foods from your diet for a few days and then start adding foods back in to see if you have an allergic reaction).  With Wholistic Kinesiology, you can eliminate the allergy.  Long-term results are typical!  Why settle for a life of having to avoid certain foods like wheat or green chile or PEANUTS, getting rid of the family cat, not becoming a nurse because you are allergic to latex gloves, or staying indoors during hayfever season?  (P.S. I used it for eliminating my band-aid allergy!)

Nutritional Balance - Are those over-the-counter generic multi-vitamins the best brand for you?  Sometimes people take what their friends are taking.  I actually heard a lady at Costco tell her friend she should get these "because women over 40 need a good multi-vitamin."  Well, what's good for your friend may not be good for you.  There is a way to find out!  Your body will tell us if it is safe and beneficial for you, or if there is something even better.   

Emotional Work -

Emotional Freedon Technique (EFT) - An energy therapy that can address all situations that provoke an emotional reaction or contain an emotional component with problems that are past, present or future.  ETF breaks the link between thoughts and negative emotions.  All the memories will be intact, but there will be no emotional intensity connected with them.  In a nutshell, if the emotional charge is removed from a traumatic event (or future event), none of the negative emotions can be felt.  Some of the most common uses for EFT are: eliminating fears or phobias, weight loss, cravings, smoking cessation, traumatic memories, stress, depression, insomnia, PTSD, migranes, nightmares, anxiety, claustrophobia, grief, guilt, and many physical ailments like arthritis, hangovers, jet lag, allergic reactions, back pain, chronic fatigue.  It's easy, painless, and long-lasting.  It's so much better than seeing a therapist "Tell me about your problems..."  Who wants to relive that?  The entire session can be done silently, you don't have to tell me a thing. 

Emotional Meridian Optimization -  This technique allows for discovery of hidden beliefs that can be interfering with the ability to be healthy.  You can discover the first event that caused the underlying belief or emotion.  By pin-pointing the event(s), you can change history and rewrite the program that is causing the interference.  Emotions are very powerful and can cause a number of physical problems.  Many people don't even realize that old emotions can be carried around for years, causing health or emotional problems until a similar event triggers a negative response.  When we have unbalanced emotions, the meridians that run through the body become unbalanced also.  If this continues, physical imbalances (like illness) occur.         

Chakra Balancing - Chakras are major centers of spiritual power in the body.  They are little circles of energy that assist in running our body, mind & soul.  If they are not in sync, our physical health, mental clarity, and emotional stability can suffer.  They run from the base of the spine to the top of the head and are related to a corresponding meridian, and body part/organ.  Just an example, if the heart chakra is imbalanced, you may have some issues with your heart, circulation, arteriosclerisis, or maybe even lung issues like pneumonia, or chronic bronchitis. Emotionally, you may be incapable of love and compassion for the self or others.  Mentally, an imbalance can influence joy and love, embracing life and knowing what/who makes your heart sing.  There are many different ways to balance the chakras, and remove the imbalance so the energy can flow freely again. 

Vital Center Optimization - (also called Shock Release) Have you ever experienced an event so traumatic that every time you think of it, you experience the emotion as if it happened all over again?  That is because emotions get stored in the body until they are released.  VCO is a safe and easy way to remove emotional trauma being held in the body so it can function normally again. 

Underlying Belief Evaluation -  Don't let an unconscious belief hold you back from fully living the life you deserve.  Bad things don't just happen, they are created by our subconscious and conscious minds.  Free your mind & control your own destiny! 

Bodywork -

Muscle Optimization - Sometmes muscles can be damaged during an injury.  If they do not heal properly and nerve conduction to the muscle is diminished, they can become weak or atrophy over time and cause other problems.  With muscle testing, I can find a weak one and 'turn it back on' to restore proper function.  Very safe and much quicker than therapy.  Results are immediate.  

Posture Analysis - Did you know that 30% of your vital lung capacity can be lost with bad posture (forward head posture), not to mention all of the gastrointestinal problems?  Let me straighten you out.  You will feel better, look better, and have happier internal organs.

Neural Optimization - (also called Injury Recall Technique)  This technique is used to 'erase' the neurological memory of past injuries.  These injuries often interfere with normal healing, thus allowing imbalances to remain or return.   

Exercise Optimization - Do you go to the gym and sweat for hours with no real results?  Exercise Optimization is used to determine the BEST exercise program for each individual.  That means, the best type of exercise, the best duration or number of reps, or if there are any supplements needed to achieve maximum results. 

Far Infrared Sauna - Far Infrared heat allows your body to produce more perspiration through your pores than sweating alone.  Sweating is used for purification, balancing, and eliminating toxins from your body.  Toxins are everywhere - in the foods we eat, everyday products we use (like shampoo, detergents, and deoderant), and in the environment as pollution.  Even in our water.  Because the Far Infrared Saunas operate at temperatures usually 60 to 80 degrees lower than conventional saunas (as low as 100F), it is healthier for your body, and the detox is 7 to 10 times greater.  (This is not the health-club type sauna with the steam, it's a dry sauna).    


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