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Quotes Stacielynn, you are magic!!! I was diagnosed with trauma induced vertigo and was experiencing horrible headaches and dizzy spells. The doctors gave me narcotics to help with the symptoms but they did not go away. One session with you and I have not had a single headache or dizzy spell in three days. The treatment you did for me has been so effective, I stopped taking the narcotics. You rock!!! Quotes
Michelle Dube

Quotes Would love to thank you for the amazing muscle work you did for me!!!! My back feels great today and its the first night in a long time I've slept without pain!!!!! You and your skills are truly amazing!!!!!! Quotes
Vanessa Rodriguez

Quotes In 1995, I broke my left patella in 5 pieces and it was surgically repaired with wires & pins. After 3 months of intense physical therapy, the wires and pins were removed. Since then I've always had a stiffness or tightness in that knee, especially when my knees were bent while sitting. Stacielynn did some muscle optimization on that knee and now it doesn't ache when I bend my knee. I'm not really sure how Kinesiology works, but what she did was quick and painless. Too bad Kinesiology wasn't an option for me back then, I could have had so many more pain-free years than what I got with therapy alone. It really helped a lot! Quotes
Elaine Miller
Stacielynn's Mom

Quotes Thanks for my treatment last night! The chakra balancing felt absolutely heavenly! Quotes
Amanda Davis

Quotes I'm very happy with my Kinesiology session - we did Muscle Optimization. I had surgery in 2007 and have 4 screws in my shoulder. I could feel the screws when I worked out. They would hurt, and make this 'creeking' sound. Since my session with Stacielynn, I have worked out with hardly any creeking and NO PAIN. I AM IMPRESSED! It definitely helped! Thank you! Quotes
Johnathan Welch