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General questions

  1. What is a Wholistic Kinesiology session like?

    Your first session will be about an hour and a half and will start by discussing your health history and your ultimate health goals.....and then we get to the fun stuff!  There are several ways to get started.  Most often, you will be tested for imbalances in your body using a priority system, or by checking all the organs individually.  This is done using the muscles in one of your arms (either is OK, unless one is injured).  Your body will ultimately know what it needs to work on first. 

    Please drink plenty of water before your session and bring any supplements or prescriptions that you are taking.  Follow-up visits are normally one hour. 

  2. Does it hurt?

    No, Wholistic Kinesiology is typically done with the client laying on a comfortable massage table.  Occasionally your arm may get tired from the testing, but we can always take a break to rest or use your other arm.  If you experience any discomfort, please notify me immediately.  Some clients even fall asleep because it is so relaxing

  3. Is Wholistic Kinesiology covered by insurance?

    Unfortunately it is not.  Insurance companies do not yet recognize Wholistic Kinesiology as a preventative health measure.

  4. How much does a session cost?

    Please contact me, as there are many different services I provide.  Typical initial sessions are 1.5-2 hours, and follow ups are usually 1-1.5 hours. Depending on the client and issue, a longer session may be needed.  Cash, check, and credit cards are accepted. 

  5. How often will I need to be seen?

    This answer depends on the client and what is going on with them.  When just starting your health journey, you may want to be seen more often, like every few weeks until you are stable with your progress.  Once stable, once a month may be all you need!  Some clients prefer to come every couple of months to make sure they are maintaining good health.  Others prefer 6 months or a year just to follow up.  

  6. Will I need to take supplements?

    This answer also depends on the individual client.  Supplements may be needed at first to get you back to an optimal state.  Other modalities like bodywork, emotional balance and nutrition might be used in conjunction with or in place of supplements at different stages of your journey.  Wholistic Kinesiology is not a 'one size fits all' approach to healing (like many prescription drugs), and it is hard to predict what the body may need at any point in the healing process.

  7. What are your hours and phone number?

    Sessions are by appointment, but I am very flexible.  Just let me know what works best for you!  Please call me at 505.550.8180.  I am located in Paradise Hills on the 'Westside' of Albuquerque.

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