INNER Wholistic, LLC


YOUR JOURNEY.  My Passion.

Inner Wholistic, LLC is company serving those who wish to pursue their ultimate physical, mental, and spiritual health goals through natural alternative methods. I hope to introduce open-minded individuals to this unique opportunity to experience a whole new level of healing, beyond the plateau that so many people are stuck in. The principle motto is “Your Journey. My Passion.”  Kinesiology has personally helped me to not just maintain my health, but rise above to the next level of healing. I look forward to doing the same for my clients. Health problems don’t happen overnight, neither does perfect health. It’s a process, a journey, and an individual experience. It is an experience that I will guide people through to achieve their individual goals.

What is Wholistic Kinesiology?

Wholistic Kinesiology is a feedback tool that allows you to speak directly to the body and ask it how things are going internally.  The body can tell you, through muscle testing, where the imbalances are, and what it needs to be back in balance.

The body makes no mistakes. If we listened closely to the signals the body is giving us, we would have no health problems.     

By using Wholistic Kinesiology, we can address the underlying issue to any problem.  We can match the symptom to the cause and get to the root of the health issue....instead of covering it up with drugs.    

Stacielynn Miller, BBA, MA

Certified Wholistic Kinesiologist 

Albuquerque, New Mexico